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Residency Dance Teaching

"Brenner's expertise in choreography and production and her years of experience as a dance artist labeled her as an 'articulate genius' by one of our young choreographers. An excellent choice for a guest company who can both teach and perform brilliantly."

--Loa Mangelson-Clawson,
ACDFA Festival Director & Professor
Univ. of Utah-Salt Lake City

Janis, Director Julius Effenberger and the artists of the ZOA Theatre Academy in Saint Louis,
Senegal; West Africa -- March, 2001.

In addition to receiving critical acclaim, Brenner's works are immensely popular with both dancers and audiences. In the past thirty years, company members have helped restage more than eighteen of JB&D's repertory on companies and colleges in Germany, Sweden, Taiwan, Indonesia, Russia, Singapore and throughout New York and the U.S.

Janis Brenner & Dancers offers a wide range of residency activities. Company members teach in a great variety of styles including modern/contemporary technique, improvisation, Release technique, Yoga, Pilates, children and adult's classes and personal fitness training. Janis Brenner & Dancers is recognized for the caliber of its dancers, its "visceral, vivid and emotionally authentic" performances and the importance of the connections to the music it employs in each work.


    * Single and Multiple Performances
    * Full-week Residencies
    * Master Classes/Workshops: Technique, Improvisation, Composition, Repertory and Vocal Work
    * Lecture Demonstrations/Informal Performances
    * Choreographic Commissions and Setting Repertory
    * Children's and Adult’s Classes, Yoga, Contact Improvisation and Personal Fitness Training
    * Brenner’s acclaimed Movement/Voice Improvisation Workshops
    * Community Collaborations


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