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Links - "Remembering Annabelle Gamson, 1928–2023", October 2023 - "Meet Janis Brenner | Dancer, Choreographer, Vocalist, Educator, Artistic Director, Collagist, and Activist", December 2022 - "Arts on Site to Present Janis Brenner in SHE REMEMBERS HER AMNESIA in November", October 2022 - Christine Jowers, Janis Brenner and JoAnna MendlShaw About "Doodles, Collages and Paintings", March 2022 - Janis Brenner on Compiling Her Artistic Autobiography Through Visual Art - "Stories of Resilience and Transformation Are Awarded at the United Solo 10th Anniversary Gala", December 2019 - "Video Interview with Janis Brenner", October 2018 - "INTERVIEW: Janis Brenner uses dance to investigate 'otherness'", June 2017 - "Three Prominent Female Dancemakers To Discuss the Creative Process as Part of Steps Artist Talk Series", June 2017 - "Once You Are Not A Stranger", May 2017 - "NYC’s Janis Brenner & Dancers, Once You Are Not A Stranger", April 2017 - "Janis Brenner sa plesačima se predstavila mostarskoj publici", February 2017 - "Američka koreografkinja gostuje u Pavarotti centru", February 2017 - "Janis Brenner & Dancers večeras u Abraševiću", February 2017 - "Janis Brenner & Dancers to Perform at The Dance Hall", October 2015 - "More Dances for an iPhone, Inspired by Sondheim", August 2014 - "'Dancing Sondheim' Free App for iPhone Set for 9/1 Release", August 2014 - "Renowned Choreographer Janis Brenner Works With Our Dancers", February 2014 - "Bach and Roll - Project with Choreographer Brenner and Skopje Dance Theatre", February 2014 - "Choreographer Janis Brenner Works With Dancers of Skopje Dance Theatre", February 2014 - "New York Choreographer Janis Brenner Works in Skopje", February 2014 - "Getting To Know Kyla Barkin", January 2014 - "Creating New Works, Minute by Minute, in ChoreoComp", November 2013 - "Dancing Up Close to Janis Brenner and Her Artistic Throughlines",  October 2013 - "Classes Revisited in This Year's Spring Dances Program," March 2013 - "Holley Farmer and Janis Brenner Prepare for "Working Women" at the Joyce Theater", January 2013 - "Choreography Connection", July 2011 - "Janis Brenner & Dancers: 5 Decades II", April 2011 - "Choreographer, Janis Brenner and Composer, Jerome Begin Create Something New...", April 2011 - "Interview with dancer/choreographer Janis Brenner", March 2011 - "Janis Brenner Goes to Hawaii", February 2011 - "Former Murray Louis Company Members Perform Their Mentors Work",  September 2008 - "Performances at Bates resume with dancer-vocalist Janis Brenner", September 2008 - " Dance Notes; Modern Field Out of Balance", September 2001 - "Study Exposes Dance Gender Gap",  March 2001 - "Janis Brenner& Dancers", November 1998 - "Dancer Janis Brenner Is A Master Of The Arts", March 1995

Photo by Tom Caravaglia

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