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Active Repertory

CONTENTS MAY HAVE SHIFTED... (2002 - Revival 2013)

Music by Clifton Air Hyde

Performers: solo

Time: 8 mins.

Photo Credit: Christopher Duggan


"Choreographer Janis Brenner described her solo Contents May Have Shifted as a metaphor for changes that occur in one's body and one's journey through life. Created for herself in 2002, the stunning solo is exquisitely performed by Holley Farmer whose intense focus, clarity of line and seemingly effortless shifts in timing and energy keep us spellbound. The dance takes place in a vertical corridor of space center stage, bounded by blue runway light strips. Mitchell Bogard's lighting design is as evocative as the movement, subtly enhancing the emotional depth of the piece. Ms. Farmer's technique is flawless, yet never calls attention to itself."Cynthia J Williams   Copyright World Dance Reviews 2013


"Tremendously innovative and exciting choreography, top-notch performance (by Kyla Barkin).  A magnificent contemporary dance!"MENCADO - YouTube

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