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Active Repertory


Music by Howard Richman, M. Monk, Zephryn Conte, traditional
Performers: 10-12 Performers (all ages)
Time: 20-80 mins.
Photo Credit: Paula Court

Chosen one of the TOP 10 Dance Events in Miami 2004:
"During a residency at Florida International University, New York-based choreographer Janis Brenner recruited student dancers and community members to capture Miami's many languages in movement and words." -- The Miami Herald

"For oh-so-cool New Yorkers, sentimentality may be an altered state, if not a guilty pleasure. Brenner risks it in ('The Memory Project'). We may be what we eat, but we are definitely what we remember. We savor her performers’ memories. They savor ours, too (printed on white cards), dancing as they are read--serendipitous poetry.”

-- Eva Yaa Asantewaa, THE VILLAGE VOICE April 2000


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