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Active Repertory

Music by Jerome Begin, commissioned score
Performers: group
Time: 20-44 minutes
Photo Credit: Julie Lemberger

"Brenner tops it all with The Mind-Stuff Variations, a clever movement-and-spoken word piece... with the theorizing of psychologist William James. At the core, I find a complex portrait of an artist struggling to define herself, to buffer and hold her center against external and internalized flak, and that's profoundly moving."

-- Eva Yaa Asantewaa Infinite Body April 2011

"The harmony of music and movement in “Variations” was atmospheric rather than dramatic. Still, Brenner’s intellect and humor, her dancers’ discipline and the satisfyingly complex music made the evening a cultural pleasure."
-- Interrupting Infinity  © 2013 by David St.-Lascaux


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