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Music: Ry Cooder and V.M. Bhatt

Performers: 4   Time: 17 minutes

Costumes:  Maya Dance Theatre

Photo Credit: courtesy of Maya Dance Theatre


A meeting by the river, the Ganges, the Delta, blues, "soul", souls, ashes and bodies washed out to sea by both design and ritual (Ganges), and by unintended force (Hurricane Katrina). East meets West meets South Asia. The Universal and the Personal "letting go", in memory of a father. Soul River/ Blues was commissioned by Maya Dance Theatre and premiered in October at CReations 2014 in Singapore.



"Soul River/Blues wrapped up the evening with high energy and spirit. (The dancers) interpreted the piece with subtlety of emotions demonstrated through their playfulness in forms, which portrayed their sentiments at the same time. To me, SoulRiver/Blues is about life force and the source of energy/spirit. The evening ended on a high note, in celebration of life. "

By Beverly Y: Beverly & Films-Arts-Events, Singapore


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