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Active Repertory

GUILT (1985 - Revival 2009)

Music by Marianne Faithfull/Reynolds

Performers: solo

Time: 5 min.

Photo Credit: Norman Ader (left) and Julie Lemberger (right)


" a taped song by Marianne Faithfull, Brenner presented an astonishingly encyclopedic catalogue of the movements one could perform while trapped in a small closet. Contained by a claustrophobic, spot-lit set consisting of two narrow side walls and a back, she leaned, stretched, slumped and folded her way back around the circumscribed volume as if were as accomodating as a room." - Stephen Greco  DanceMagazine, 1985 (Premiere of GUILT)


"Kyla Barkin is electrifying in Brenner’s Guilt (revival 2009) where she appears inside a three-sided wooden box and contorts, twists, and flips around to Marianne Faithfull’s raspy, remorseful crooning. She alternates between looking alluring and resembling a wild animal caught in headlights as she navigates the small space with remarkable athleticism, at times reminiscent (I dare say) of Jennifer Beals in Flashdance!"

- Christopher Atamian, DANCE MAGAZINE, New York, November 2009      

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