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Active Repertory

by MARY WIGMAN (1929 - Revival 2011)
Music by Hanns Hastings
Performers: Solo
Time: 5 minutes
Photo Credit: Julie Lemberger

"Seraphic Song has the curious effect of reminding us that we’re seated in a religious sanctuary, particularly since Brenner initially uses the altar area, lit up like a Theosophist’s dream of austerely holy flames, to frame herself... all deep, sculptural curves." -- Eva Yaa Asantewaa INFINITE BODY April 8, 2011

"Pastorale, which began and ended with the dancer prone and one arm upraised, was a fleeting effort of ascent. Brenner's fluttering gestures beckoned forth the music, as if Hanns Hastings's notes were the key to her ability to rise and fall. Throughout, the performer balanced an expressionist sense of drama with such touches of lightness... superbly performed." -- Jody Sperling, Dance Magazine June 2002


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